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AVERT TAC+PACs are high-quality bleeding control kits designed to be carried with you, or placed in common, accessible areas at your office or facility. All TAC+PACs are allergen-free and their contents never expire. For more information on TAC+PACs and additional free resources for AVERT, please see below.

TAC+PAC Resources
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TAC+PAC Bleeding Control Kits

Our unique TAC+PAC kids are designed with the sole purpose of helping to save lives. Everything inside our portable kids are allergen-free with no expiration date, so they are always ready when you need them.

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TAC+PAC Cabinet

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AVERT Resources

At AVERT, we offer life-saving training to help individuals, organizations and companies anticipate dangerous situations and react quickly if violence occurs. The resources below are intended to help explain the complexity of active violence and acute bleeding scenarios.

AVERT Resources
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AVERT Resources Articles
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Readiness Assessment

When active violence occurs, being able to react quickly and with confidence is vital to saving lives. That is why we created our AVERT Readiness Assessment to help businesses and organizations understand their level of preparation for a potential threat. Take our 3-minute online readiness assessment to identify the strengths and potential weaknesses to find out your level of preparation if an active shooter situation was to occur.

Readiness Assessment
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