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Initial Operator Training Program

Region: NPCC

A large utility in the NPCC region has customized their initial operator training using HSI courses. Using their Job Task Analysis, we worked with them to select introductory and simulation courses to prepare new hires for the system operations job. NERC Certification Exam Preparation online was incorporated to prepare students to take and pass the NERC certification exam.

Online Training

Comprehensive NERC Certification Training Program

Region: RFC

Since 2015, a large utility in the RFC region has worked with HSI for all its NERC certification and CEH training. HSI provides comprehensive online and instructor-led training for all the utility’s operators. New hires begin with the initial operator training program, including NERC Certification Exam Preparation online and instructor-led courses. Once operators are certified, HSI provides online and instructor-led CEHs for them to maintain their certification. More than 170 operators have been trained through this program.

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Distribution Initial Operator Training Program

Region: SERC

A large Distribution Provider in the SERC region was struggling with its distribution operator training. Students received training on company-specific equipment and procedures, but didn’t understand the concepts behind the tasks they were learning. The utility incorporated the HSI Distribution System Operations Overview and Fundamentals of System Protection courses into their overall training program. The utility now finds its operators have a better overall understanding of distribution system concepts and are better prepared for their roles in managing their distribution systems.

Utility Relay Technican Video

Custom Generation Training

Region: SERC

A Generation Owner in the SERC region asked HSI to develop a training program for its generation operators. Using select courses, we built a custom program including NERC certification Exam Preparation online for all new operators to take before becoming certified and sitting at the control room desk.

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