Chemical Management

On-Site Chemical Inventory Services 

Do you know WHERE your chemicals are? Do you know WHAT your chemicals are?

The best SDS management software system isn’t worth a penny if you have chemicals on-site without a corresponding sheet. Or that you’re maintaining sheets that you don’t need anymore.

What if you have hazardous chemicals on-site that aren’t in your SDS management system?

HSI provides chemical inventory services to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our team is experienced and skilled; we employ full-time technicians, not contractors.

OSI is the first step to an accurate and up-to-date SDS Management system.

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HSI On-Site Inventory Services Include: 

  • Uploading existing SDS data into our proprietary SDS management system
  • Conducting an on-site, thorough audit of all chemicals
  • Categorizing and identifying the locations of all products
  • Matching each product with your SDS information

After the completion of the on-site inventory, HSI provides a summary report which includes all the information your organization needs about products, sheets, and what’s needed to have a complete, compliant system in place.

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Benefits of On-Site Inventory:

Experienced Professional

Full-time auditor completes a more thorough inventory.

No Worksite Disruption

Employees focus on their job tasks, not conducting inventory

SDS Software

Implement SDS Management software the right way

Workplace Safety

Improve overall employee safety and SDS access

Full Compliance

Comply with Hazard Communication Right to Know Law

Save Money

Avoid wasting time updating and managing obsolete SDSs

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