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Training System Operators to Pass the NERC Certification Exam

The HSI NERC certification program gives you the tools to become a system operator. Our combination of online and instructor-led training provides information for new operators to launch their power industry careers.

  • Online Training – our online training is based on the current NERC Certification content and prepares students for recall, application, and analysis questions
  • Instructor-led Training – a three-and-a-half-day fast-paced comprehensive final review preparing students with test-taking tips, study hints, and a variety of resources
  • Initial Operator Training – a comprehensive program that introduces students to the Bulk Electric System and prepares them to pass the NERC Certification Exam
  • End-of-Program Practice Exam – three practice exam options containing unique questions covering relevant content areas
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NERC System Operations

Our NERC Certification solutions for power transmission:

NERC Certification Resources

Get the most recent NERC certification exam information.

To successfully pass the NERC certification exam, it is important to review a variety of resources while preparing for success. Find out more about NERC and the NERC System Operator Certification and testing.

Review each content outline for difference clarification between the four available NERC exams:

Focus should be given to NERC Glossary of Terms - Standards: BAL, COM, EOP, INT, IRO, TOP, VAR

Exam Resources
Initial Operator Training

Live NERC Mentoring

HSI is committed to helping students find success in passing the NERC exam. Our instructor mentoring sets us apart from other programs. Instructor mentoring is available for one-on-one guidance as needed. Our NERC Trainers can analyze a student's exam preparation history and recommend a path for success based on an individual's knowledge and experience. Students can take advantage of regularly scheduled office hours to ask questions and clarify topics as needed.

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1:00-2:00 PM (Eastern)

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Live NERC Mentoring

North Ameican Electric Reliability Corporation NERC
HSI and HSI_SOS_001 are recognized by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation as a continuing education provider who adheres to NERC Continuing Education Program Criteria.
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