Monitoring System Conditions (2.5 CEHs)

Learning objectives

  • Identify settings established in R1 through R4 of PRC-002-2
  • Recall how the per-unit scale differs from percentage comparisons
  • Recall how phasors and vectors are related
  • Identify phasor application in a three phase power system
  • Recall the phase relationship between phase to neutral and phase to ground voltage measurements
  • List the basic components of a transformer
  • Calculate the secondary output of a transformer given input values and turns ratio
  • Recall the difference between VTs, PTs, and CCVTs
  • Recall the relationship between primary and secondary current as magnetic flux reaches saturation
  • Recall how relays are connected to PTs and CTs and how this relates to burden

Course overview

When you complete this lesson you will understand the purpose of PRC-002-2, and how system conditions are monitored through the application of per-unit measurements, AC polarity, and basic potential transformer and current transformer construction and operation.

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