Introduction to the GE LM Series Gas Turbine

Learning objectives

  • Define a gas turbine
  • Identify the four LM series gas turbines comprising the GE medium-sized gas turbine fleet
  • Recall the basic design of an axial flow compressor
  • Explain the basic purpose of a combustor
  • Identify two basic turbine designs

Course overview

General Electric has developed a vast fleet of gas turbines used extensively around the globe. These turbines serve many different applications. Basic knowledge of the components and design of the LM Series Aero-derivative Gas Turbine is necessary to distinguish it from others in the GE fleet. The Introduction to the GE LM Series Gas Turbine training course describes GE's LS series basic design. It also explains the compressed gas and hot gas flow paths through each type of LM gas turbine.

This online training course covers gas turbine basics, including the LM series gas turbine components and design. This course is part of the Combustion Turbine Fundamentals training series.

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