Introduction to Reciprocating Engine Power Plants

Learning objectives

  • Define reciprocating engine
  • Describe the basic operation of a reciprocating engine
  • Explain the role of reciprocating engines in large-scale power generation
  • Describe the typical layout of a stand-alone reciprocating engine power plant
  • Explain why reciprocating engines are incorporated into existing power plants
  • Describe the use of cogeneration in a reciprocating engine power plant

Course overview

Reciprocating power plant engines are gaining in popularity as energy providers look to balance plant cost and efficiency with generation availability. The Introduction to Reciprocating Engine Power Plants training course introduces a reciprocating power plant's basic operations and describes a plant's varying configurations.

This online course discusses the engine's role in power plants and explains the reciprocating power plant layout. This course is part of the Reciprocating Engine Power Plants series.

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