Introduction to Process Reactors

Learning objectives

  • Define the following types of reactions
    • endothermic
    • exothermic
    • homogeneous
    • heterogeneous
  • Identify conditions affecting chemical reactions
  • Describe the components of a process reactor
  • Describe the types of process reactors
  • Identify the common application for different reactors

Course overview

A reactor is a vessel where chemical reactions create more valuable products. These products are different from the raw materials fed into the process. They fall under the provisions of safety and control. The Introduction to Process Reactors training course introduces the common processes for using reactors in the refining industry. It describes chemical reactions, features and operations of different reactors and explains their application in the refining industry.

Introduction to Process Reactors covers operating conditions, reactor types, and reactor components. This online course is part of the Process Reactors series.

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