Introduction to Bearings

Learning objectives

  • Describe the types of friction forces affecting bearings
  • Explain the basic mechanical functions of bearings
  • Describe the loading forces affecting bearings
  • Explain types of lubricants used in bearings
  • Identify the two main categories of bearings

Course overview

Bearings are found in every type of moving machinery. This bearings training course introduces two distinct categories of bearings, describes the types of operating forces they are subjected to, and reviews common lubricants used in bearings.

This bearings course trains students in the basic concepts behind the use of bearings and describes their mechanical functions, loading forces, common lubricants, main classifications, and the types of friction they encounter.

After completing this lesson, your worker will understand the basic mechanical functions of two main categories of bearings and the types of loading and friction forces they experience.

This lesson is part of the Bearing Maintenance training series.

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