Introduction to Automated Control

Learning objectives

  • Describe the main elements employed in an automated control loop
  • Explain the difference between open and closed control loops
  • Define the following terms as they relate to an automated control system:
    • Process variable
    • Control variable
    • Final control element

Course overview

Automating industrial processes involves coordinated actions of equipment, instrumentation and control techniques to ensure a product is produced safely, efficiently, and to specification. Automated control loops, which may be open or closed, use several main elements. In an industrial facility, operators can interact with these control systems in a variety of ways to monitor and/or influence process outcomes.

The Introduction to Automated Controls training course discusses the basic design and function of automated control loops. This course covers:

  • Automated control
  • Open and closed loops
  • Operator interaction with the control system

This course is part of the Automated Control training series.

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