Instrumentation and Control Overview

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the importance of instrumentation and control
  • Define the following common plant process variables:
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Flow
    • Level
    • Analytical
  • Describe basic function of process instrumentation
  • Explain the relationship between common process variables

Course overview

Instrumentation and control is vital to plant safety and operation. Properly operating instrumentation and automatic control loops does not require a great deal of operator intervention. But, before a process is effectively controlled, it must be measured, or instrumented. The Instrumentation and Control Review training course describes basic operating procedures behind instrumentation and control. It identifies various instrumentation components and discusses how instrumentation systems collect and send information.

This online training course covers:

  • Process variables
  • Instrument categories/types
  • Signals
  • Process variable relationships

The Instrumentation and Control Review course is part of the Process Control Variable training series.

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