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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives can be complex, daunting and task-intensive. HSI aims to simplify your compliance and organizational development via eLearning content and compliance management software to solve your common ESG needs.

Our solutions keep workers safe, simplify EHS compliance and regulatory objectives, increase inclusion and employee engagement, and improve operational excellence.

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Environment: Fulfill Your Environmental Reporting Obligations


Different than a traditional vendor in the EHS space, our compliance software enables organizations to handle multiple needs via one partner.

  • Auto-generate and file mandatory EPA regulatory reports such as Tier II, Form R, as well as other federal and state reporting.
  • Manage access to safety information for hazardous chemicals with our simple, yet powerful SDS and chemical management solution
  • Modern reporting and dashboard tools to help track environmental initiatives tracking such as scope 1-3 emissions standards, as well as waste management, water and energy consumption across company plants and facilities.
  • Integrated Chemical Management platform to manage all SDS (safety datasheets)

eLearning & Training

HSI is the only ESG provider with an eLearning library that contains a number of courses to train, prepare and comply with various environmental requirements, as well as industry courses around hazardous material handling and safety, industrial skills development to optimize plant operations, as well as NERC certification preparation.

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Matt Hendrix- Employee Training Specialist - Software

"My experience so far has been wonderful. The software replaced what we used previously and we're very pleased with the switch. Customer service has been beyond our expectations. Our Customer Success Advisor checks in frequently, is down to earth and personable, and is very responsive!"

Matt H.

Employee Training Specialist, Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.

Social: Make Employees the Center of Your ESG Initiatives


Central to a sustainable ESG journey, HSI recognizes another crucial ‘E’ to the equation: Employees. In addition to simplifying compliance, our solutions drive employee awareness, engagement and well-being, which are all central to achieving your social initiative goals. We offer ESG Social software solutions that enable:

  • Policy management and tracking
  • Critical initiatives reporting such as code of conduct acknowledgment
  • Gender equality reporting, DEI, and unconscious bias and harassment training and record-keeping
  • As well as employee injury management, return to work, and infectious disease tracking

eLearning & Training

The workforce is increasingly multi-generational and multi-cultural, driving organizations to both hire and develop a more diverse workforce as well as create a healthier, inclusion-oriented culture. Employee awareness and education is a key component, and HSI’s microlearning content enables enterprise to create an employee-centric, forward-looking work-environment. We offer content and education for:

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) learning
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Workplace safety training
  • CPR/First Aid training; Active Shooter Response training
  • Mental health and wellness, and more
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Governance: Manage Risk, Enforce Policy and Track Corrective Actions


Organizations face threats from afar and near alike, thus risk management identification, reporting and corrective actions are critical to keeping pace with corporate governance standards. Compliance and workflow capabilities within the HSI platform support:

  • Policies and procedures management, routing and approval, such as code of conduct acknowledgements
  • Additional functionalities enable checklists, audits, inspections, observations, and corrective actions all supported via embedded workflows
  • Third-party management such as suppliers and contractors to ensure compliance with company standards

eLearning & Training

The HSI eLearning library contains a number of courses and skills content to educate employees and stakeholders regarding various internal or external governance requirements. These include courses aimed at:

  • Workplace compliance topics such as discrimination, employee termination best practices, ADA, FLMA
  • Ethics compliance
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) learning
  • State and federal anti-harassment compliance training
  • HR best practices
  • Cybersecurity, and more
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ESG Tracking and Reporting

Most businesses struggle with keeping up on their ESG initiatives because they have outdated systems, or no system at all, in place. Relying on paper on clipboards, manual data entry, and spreadsheet reporting does not allow the businesses to see trends -- good or bad.

Through a combination of HSI's Donesafe EHS platform and Business Intelligence reporting, companies can make it easy for employees to input data, for managers to view macro and micro trends, and executives to make ongoing incremental changes to improve outcomes over time.

Reporting: Our ESG/EHS platform comes with powerful, pre-configured dashboards and reports allowing you to see everything that's happening in real-time. Data inputted through the platform is visualized instantly for managers, who no longer need to wait for spreadsheets at the end of the day, week or month. If you want to extend these capabilities, HSI offers built-in BI (business intelligence) reporting in our EHS suite.

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