Industrial Skills

Technical Custom Training and Instructional Design Services

Developing Technical Training Specific to Your Company’s Needs

Meeting your company’s training needs is a challenging process whether you are training on your policies and procedures or fulfilling compliance requirements. While HSI Industrial Skills provides a wide range of training solutions, sometimes the best solution is one tailored to your company. However, designing and developing your own training is a big challenge – eating up your instructional design and SME resources.

HSI SMEs and Instructional Designers can help you meet that challenge by operating as part of your training development team. Our detailed system ensures you have full control over the development process.

Building Training Program

Our development experience includes:

Supplement your training team with instructional design services.

As your team faces increasing challenges in keeping up with development, our Instructional designers supplement your team when needed – creating job task analyses, analyzing content, writing and developing training modules and much more. And, they have experience in industrial skills – power generation, electrical utility, manufacturing, and more – so they understand your needs.

Custom Training
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