Courses to Help with Surviving a Furlough

Watch courses on managing your savings, managing stress, creating a budget, and crafting a resume.

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Business Math: Savings

In this course, we’ll discuss the four basic types of savings accounts and some strategies to help you build your savings one paycheck at a time.

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Stress Management: Managing Stress

Stress depends on the duration of the stressor, the intensity of the stressor, and the capacity of the individual to withstand the stress. Some people withstand stress better than others. This is something that you can learn to do, or learn to do better, and that’s what this course is all about. We’ll go over four simple steps you can take when managing your stress. We’ll also review the seven signs of stress and how to handle each one. And lastly, we’ll discuss how to better manage stress in the workplace.

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Financial Wellness: Creating a Budget

Are your finances healthy? We never really talk about money health. We’re focused on keeping our bodies and our minds healthy. However, financial health can impact your overall health. Money matters can cause stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your overall health. Therefore, we need to think about financial wellness when we’re talking about our well-being. This course will go through budget creation as a first step.

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How to Create a Resume

How do you best represent yourself on paper? That’s essentially what a resume is. How do you stand out from people just like you, who are vying for the same position? What should you include or leave out? How do you shape your skillset to fit the position you’re applying for? What are the right keywords to use? What’s the best design, layout, or font to use? Pictures? Do you use pictures? Is that even a thing?

Feeling overwhelmed? No worries, because this course will walk you through all the various ways to create a standout resume

How to create a resume
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