Confined Spaces Overview

Learning objectives

  • Identify characteristics and examples of a confined space

  • Recognize the difference between a permit required confined space and a non-permit required confined space, as well as the criteria for reclassifying a confined space

Course overview

This lesson educates all general industry employees about the existence of confined spaces, the type of hazardous conditions that can be present in them, and the basic requirements for entry into permit-required confined spaces.

  • 5 Minutes
  • English, Spanish
Course Outline
  • Confined Spaces Overview
  • OSHAct Section 5(a)(1), known as the General Duty Clause
  • 29CFR 1910.146 Permit-required confined spaces
  • Appendix A to 1910.146 -- Permit-Required Confined Space Decision Flow Chart
  • Procedures for Atmospheric Testing - 1910.146 App B
  • Examples of Permit-Required Confined Space Programs - 1910.146 App C
  • Confined Space Pre-Entry Check List - 1910.146 App D
  • Sewer System Entry - 1910.146 App E
  • Non-Mandatory Appendix F -- Rescue Team or Rescue Service Evaluation Criteria - 1910.146 App F
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