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Compare HSI with Skillsoft

Microlearning is a hot topic in the training industry right now and many of our competitors, like Skillsoft, are starting to offer shorter video courses. We have been producing short-form employee training videos forever. As you compare Skillsoft and HSI, you will find some important differences.

If you haven't already, we encourage you to sign up for a free trial of our HSI LMS. Additionally, check out our Employee Training Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the employee training solution that’s right for your company.

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This Comparison was taken in January 2021. Skillsoft information and feature notes were taken directly from Skillsoft.com. We only publish data that we are able to verify on the website, take a screenshot and archive. You may want to talk to your Skillsoft sales representative to clarify the differences.

Compare HSI vs Skillsoft

The Difference

Manageable Amount of Content

HSI's course library features the "just right" amount of eLearning content, expertly curated to put the most relevant, up-to-date content at your fingertips. When a course becomes outdated or needs a refresh, we replace that course with a new version and retire the old one. This ensures that our content library doesn't get weighed down with courses that aren't relevant to your learners anymore.

We also won't give you multiple courses on the same subject, so you'll never have to worry about picking the course that's the most up-to-date. Courses are organized by topic in our library to help you easily find the subjects that matter most to you. HSI's content is also organized into "Tracks," our learning track feature based on the Lominger competencies. These Tracks are the perfect support tool to help your employees build skills in areas like communication, leadership, and accountability.

Skillsoft boasts over 165,000+ courses, videos, and books. When you search for a certain topic, you often get over 10,000 results to sift through. That can make it difficult to identify which piece of content is most relevant to your needs and can result in a lot of time spent scrolling through course options.

Safety and Anti-Harassment Training

A happy, productive workplace is one that is safe and free from harassment. That's why HSI offers a robust library of workplace compliance, anti-harassment, state-specific anti-harassment training for New York City, New York State, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, and California, and safety training topics to help you provide your employees with a safe, inclusive work environment. In today's workforce, anti-harassment training is more important than ever, and we feel that no training library is complete without it.

While Skillsoft offers a limited selection of compliance training topics, we found nothing in our search that relates to state-specific training. You may want to check with your Skillsoft representative to learn more.

Creativity in Course Design

When it comes to creative content, no one else compares to HSI. Our presenters are specifically chosen to be relatable to a wide range of employees. They are filmed from the waist-up to better engage the viewer and are dressed in casual, approachable attire: not too corporate or intimidating! Our graphics are thoughtful, clever, and unexpected, and they reinforce the important learning concepts in the video. We also utilize sound effects, music, and even humor when it fits the topic. You never know what you'll discover in our videos - an employee's dog even makes an appearance in one of our courses! The combination of timing, visuals, and audio keeps the learner engaged.

Samples of Skillsoft courses were found on their website and on YouTube. Some featured a minimalist style with white or black backgrounds, role-playing actors, or a single presenter with no graphics to reinforce training. Another video featured a voiceover with screenshots of a computer demo, no special graphics or music. The best way to convey the difference in our creativity is to see some of our samples for yourself.

Content Administration

The experts at HSI are dedicated to creating a thoughtful and curated library of content for our clients. Our approach is to provide "just enough" content that is "just right" to ensure that learners are changing behaviors so they can do their jobs better. A well-curated library keeps content administration from becoming overwhelming. In our white paper, "How Many eLearning Courses Do You Really Need?" we address how larger libraries tend to create challenges with organization, content updates, and a consistent experience.

The Skillsoft content page promotes over 165,000 pieces of content. The Skillsoft catalog is divided into collections that may help with content administration, but the sheer volume of content can be intimidating.

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Client Service

HSI is a boutique learning agency with hundreds of clients. Once a contract is signed, each client is assigned a learning consultant for personal service at no additional charge. Our consultants' priorities are a timely and smooth implementation and a high level of personal support throughout the entire contract. They will provide support for updates to our LMS, offer engagement ideas to improve usage and make course suggestions for learning initiatives. Our clients have the name, direct phone number, and direct email for our learning consultants, giving them unmitigated access to this resource for the duration of their contract. Our goal is to establish and maintain supportive relationships with our clients so they meet their learning objectives.

The Skillsoft website has many customer testimonials, which showcase customers telling their stories of long, satisfied relationships with Skillsoft. The website mentions eLearning consultants, customer support, and application engineers, but it is not clear if these teams are dedicated to individual clients or large departments working off a ticketing system. It's also unclear whether any type of support comes at an additional cost. With HSI, support is always included at no additional charge.

HSI Client Learning Consultant

Why HSI?

We have been delivering the unexpected in the eLearning industry, producing award-winning training content and our LMS at no additional charge to our clients. Our learning consultants provide personal, high-touch service beginning with implementation and lasting throughout your entire contract.

See the difference for yourself and sign up today for a 15-day free trial of our HSI LMS, where you can experience our award-winning content and LMS features.

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