Combined Cycle Condensate and Circulating Water Systems

Learning objectives

  • Describe the purpose of the Condensate System in a combined cycle plant
  • Explain the operation of a Water-Cooled Condenser
  • Explain the operation of an Air-Cooled Condenser
  • Describe the purpose of a steam jet air ejector, vacuum pump, and hogger
  • Describe the function of a deaerator
  • Describe the common deaerator arrangements used in combined cycle power plants
  • Explain the difference between a once-through and a closed-circuit circulating water system
  • Describe the purpose of a cooling tower in a combined cycle circulating water system

Course overview

Power generation produces large amounts of heat which must be removed for continued operations. The circulating water system is responsible for cooling even the largest power generation plants. The Introduction to Circulating Water Systems training course introduces the design and operation of a circulating water system.

This online course covers the function of a circulating water system, intake structure and inlet header, condenser, outlet header and discharge structure, and system operation. This course is part of the Circulating Water System series.

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