CIP Physical Security (1.0 CEHs)

Learning objectives

  • Identify the Functional Entities tasked with physical security
  • Recall the purpose of CIP-006-6 and CIP-014-2
  • Identify how aggregate weighted value is determined
  • Identify the goal of the BCS Physical Security Program
  • Identify the difference between PACS and EACMS
  • Identify three categories of physical access control
  • Identify BCS physical security areas of concern
  • Identify common physical threats to transmission assets
  • Recognize applicability and security components of CIP-014-2
  • Identify evidence that supports technical studies and analysis
  • Identify considerations of Transmission asset physical security

Course overview

When you complete this lesson, you will be able to comply with the requirements of NERC standards regarding CIP Physical Security measures.

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