Calibration Overview, Part 1

Learning objectives

  • Discuss the three-point and five-point methods of calibration
  • Identify pneumatic and electronic calibration equipment
  • Discuss calibrating procedures for electronic and pneumatic calibration equipment
  • Define:
    • Calibration
    • Noisy signal
    • I/P transducer
    • Zero
    • Span (range)
    • Live zero

Course overview

Instrument calibration is a vital task to ensure process control loops within a facility function properly, contributing to a plant's safety and success. For accurate results, trained individuals should perform sensor and instrument calibration on a regular basis. The Calibration Overview, Part 1 training course introduces you to common calibration instruments and methods.

This online training course explains basic calibration methods and equipment. It discusses instrument failures and reviews calibrating control instruments. This course is part of the Calibrating and Troubleshooting training course.

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