Audit Management

Audit, check, and respond with confidence and consistency

HSI’s online auditing software streamlines your complete auditing process. Create a quick and simple to use system for auditors to complete and resolve audits and reporting across all departments. Accelerate communication and action with automated workflows such as automatic email notifications for non-conformances and creating meaningful reports with detailed audit data. It's time to connect what's happening across functional teams with accurate and meaningful data to ensure your organization can instantly identify risks or hazards.

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Align audits with business priorities

Aggregate risk and control information organization-wide within HSI's online platform. Our powerful audit management solution allows audit teams to prioritize activities based on overdue or outstanding tasks, reporting, scheduled and upcoming audits and any related risk assessments.

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Schedule and manage audits

Access and manage your previous, upcoming and completed audits with role-based permissions for all departments, workers and organization wide. Keep informed about your conformity to obligations and track close-out of corrective actions. Using real-time reports, overlay audit results and track relationships to give you powerful oversight of your organization.

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"What I like most is the level of support and engagement of our support staff."

Easy to use for all

Design easy and efficient audit templates with intelligent features that mean only relevant questions and information is posed. Seamlessly upload evidence and create actions for non-conformances or recommendations.

Manage your audits from anywhere

You don’t need to be in the office to manage your Audits. View reports, dashboards, alerts and updates on any device, including PC, laptop, phone or tablet.

Increase data accuracy

Standardize the audit process to remove human-errors or inaccuracies from paper-based forms and disconnected systems. Access and complete audits and reports with real-time data and reporting all in one system.

Alerts and notifications

Alert and notify workers in real-time to identify hazards, resolutions and include acknowledgements. Localize the alerts based on department, job role or location.

Reporting and dashboards

Gain total control of the audit lifecycle by leveraging real-time reporting and dashboards. Immediately understand key risks and under-performing controls across your organization.

Role-based management

Access and manage your current, previous, upcoming and completed audits with role based permissions and tasks for all departments, workers and organization-wide.

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