Arizona Public Service

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About Our Customer

As the state’s largest electric company, Arizona Public Service (APS) generates electricity for more than 1.1 million customers. APS seeks to create a sustainable energy future for Arizona through the use of innovative technologies, renewable energy sources, and discovery of new energy efficiencies.


Before you know it, it’s time to train a whole lot of people on some really important stuff. This is a common scenario these days, one that usually sends safety and training professionals on a desperate, exhaustive Google search for quotes from expensive live training consultants. Well, the good people at Arizona Public Service (APS) found themselves in this familiar situation, with a need to deliver special training to nearly 200 Customer Service Associates in less than a month…


Provide a custom training program quickly, and as efficiently as possible for a force of nearly 200 customer service associates to help them resolve customer questions and complaints in ways to satisfy the customers they serve.


Feature short films and creative animations for communicating key messages about the challenges of rebuilding the website and the positive notes for new site.


Brief, sequential training courses covering core features of the new website, from layout to functionality, using an engaging mix of quick films and interactive exercises that allowed the user to practice service skills, and develop techniques for dialoguing with the customer.

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